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Seeking After Truth: The Enneagram and The Call - ONLINE RETREAT

Next offering January 22nd: sign up on the event page. Enrollment is limited to fifteen.

Gurdjieff described the process of self-development as “plugging leaks.” It is a crucial part of our human journey, and one that the Enneagram of Personality is uniquely suited for. If we are concerned with becoming more Present—which is a major goal in most forms of spirituality—it’s essential to have a vessel capable of containing that Presence. Otherwise we will “leak” it through our automatic behaviors and attitudes. The issue is, most of us treat the Enneagram, and by extension our own selves, as exclusively some kind of self-development project, when in reality the process of “plugging leaks” is the beginning, not the end. To use the Enneagram as merely a tool for self-development is like building a seaworthy ship and then refusing to sail anywhere. Not exactly a satisfying payoff for all that work!

So the question becomes: Once we’ve built that vessel, where do we sail? How do we know where to go, what to do? How might we answer that fundamental question at the core of Gurdjieff’s search, “Who am I really, and why am I here?”

The answer for me lies in knowing how to receive and follow a sacred Calling. Fortunately, knowing and working with your Type is an ideal preparation for that. When we’ve been working with the Enneagram for a while, familiarizing ourselves with our habits and patterns, the static begins to fade. We might experience more space and less conflict in our lives and our inner critics might have a lighter touch. And in that space, we might notice that signals start to come through. We might recognize that this job isn’t for us, that this marriage needs work, that we are not where we need to be. We might, as Bill Plotkin describes in his book Soulcraft, feel an “inexplicable sense that the chapter of life you had been living is suddenly over, whether you wanted that ending or not… What formerly was meaningful becomes ‘strangely emptied of value.’”

As I see it the deeper purpose of the Enneagram is to discover who you really are, to “Hold to your own truth at the center of the image you were born with,” as David Whyte says. We have a right, even a responsibility, to live into this purpose. The world depends on awake people being awake. “Don’t go back to sleep,” Rumi warns us.

The “Seeking After Truth” retreat is designed to be a support and an initiation into that quest, to provide space, in an Enneagram context, to lean into your deepest questions and callings. The workshop will consist of group council, wanders and reflection, exercises in dyads and triads, and teaching in the form of lecture, music, and poetry. Previous Enneagram experience is recommended but not required for this retreat.

You can sign up directly on the event page, or email ben@dragonguidance.com with any questions!