Private Workshops

If your organization or you and a group of friends would like a personalized workshop experience, you can submit a request using the button below. Rates for personalized workshops are variable at approximately $150/hr (split among the participants). Scholarship rates are available. If you would like to request a workshop, please click the button below to fill out a short questionnaire and schedule a time to meet:

Authorized Workshops

Enneagram Institute Authorized Workshops are a special category of Enneagram workshop. There are four Authorized Workshops, each originally written by Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute, based on the work he developed with Don Riso, and only Enneagram Institute Authorized Teachers are permitted to teach them. My teaching partner Jenny Campbell is one such teacher (you can find her at, and I often assist her when she leads them.

Given the pandemic, all Authorized Workshops are currently being held on Zoom.

No Authorized Workshops are scheduled at this time.