Free Talks - POSTPONED until further notice


About once per month I offer a free talk on Zoom covering an aspect of the Enneagram. The talks are an introduction to the Riso-Hudson Insight Approach, and my own teaching style. Some talks will be introductions to fundamental Enneagram principles (the personality types, the nine Essences, the passions, fixations, virtues, etc), others will address common misunderstandings about the Enneagram (what the system is actually for, why there are nine types, etc), and still others will be introductions to the "Deeper Mysteries" that my School for Seekers course is devoted to exploring (the history of the transmission, the power of the symbol itself, the Enneagram as journey, etc).


Each talk will be 90 minutes and include a meditation, check-in, teaching, exercise, and then a debrief and Q&A. We will meet on Zoom (the link will be provided upon registration).


To attend a Free Talk, you just need to register for the invitation (this is to prevent spam). Simply fill out the contact form and note which free talk you would like to attend in the subject line, and I will get back to you with a link. Feel free to also add any questions or comments in the message box.

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