Inner Critic 10-Week Series

The 10-Week Inner Critic Series begins Thursday, April 29th.

Limited to 12 participants!

Explore the Inner Critic in this 10-week Enneagram Inner Work program!

The Inner Critic series meets every Thursday evening, 6:00pm-8:00pm EDT, from April 29th through July 1st, on Zoom. Fill out the Application Survey to secure your spot.


The Inner Critic is an often-mentioned, seldom-explored facet of the Enneagram of Personality. While you can understand the Inner Critic (also called the superego) without the Enneagram, the specificity provided by the nine personality types helps make our personal relationship with our own inner critic much clearer.

In this ten-week series, you will learn how the Inner Critic manifests in each personality type, how the Inner Critic interacts with a type's Hornevian group, and how the Inner Critic is related to a type's "psychic structure"--the arrangement of your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious material.

This series is designed to be an Inner Work program. To that end, each 2-hour call will include a teaching on that week's Inner Critic pattern, and then an exercise to integrate the teaching and see how it is true for you--whether or not you are a given type!


There will also be time for Q&A and optional homework invitations each week.


Private sessions are not included, but are available at a discount for students who are enrolled.




The Inner Critic 10-Week Series is $350, or $295 if you are a current or former member of my "Living the Wisdom" year-long course, or former member of "School for Seekers."


Complete the Application Survey to secure your spot.


What's Included

-Thursday evening calls (6:00pm-8:00pm EDT) every Thursday from April 29th-July 1st. Each call includes a meditation, a teaching, an exercise, and time for Q&A.

-Nine full lectures on each type's Inner Critic pattern (plus an overview for the first call). These teachings are a brand-new exclusive synthesis of material from the Enneagram Institute Training Program and my own discovery; they are not available outside of live workshops.

-Self-Observation homework assignments to explore each type's Inner Critic for yourself. There will be opportunities to connect and share your discoveries with the other students in the group!

-Small group size to allow for plenty of interaction

-Scholarship rates on private sessions for the duration of the program

-Priority enrollment for the next round of "Living the Wisdom" (starting July 12th)