“It has been a really special experience to be a part of a group of like-minded individuals. I have an anchor for my seeking, a wise guide to support the path, and companions on the journey together. For me, a Type Three, it is a real spiritual exercise to figure out my feelings and say them out loud on a regular basis. And listening to the journeys of my companions is informative and helpful—reminding me at every step of the way that I am not alone in my struggle." ~Lynn W.

“I cannot recommend Ben enough as an Enneagram teacher. He is an exceptionally keen listener, and his deep knowledge of the inner workings of the Enneagram types and the mysteries and meanings behind the system is nearly singular. In a recent conversation he helped me, in a matter of mere minutes, to realize that something I thought for months I was doing innocently and altruistically was really being done through the fog of my personality. This allowed me to see the situation for what it was and figure out a a resolution, which saved me from a lot of stress and grief that I otherwise would have felt.” ~Claudia P.

“Ben’s teaching, his calmness and clarity are very helpful for me, especially about the Inner Critic. I’ve had other teachers present the same thing, and I’ve read books, but I couldn’t quite get it until I heard Ben teach. I’m really grateful for that, and I’ve heard many others from the group say the same thing. I like his presentations and teaching style.” ~Sarah J.

“Ben's deep knowledge of the Enneagram and his insights have allowed me to see things in myself and others that I never would have recognized on my own. His calm and compassionate presence as I worked through grief around the suicide of a close friend were invaluable. Anyone interested in spiritual growth would benefit from Ben's work.” ~Wrenn B.

“Ben is as gifted at providing direct instruction of the Enneagram as he is at creating a compassionate and open space for me to share my story in my own language. He has a unique talent for explaining what can seem like esoteric information in a way that is simultaneously articulate, clear, relatable, and funny! This is refreshing and makes it much easier for me to feel comfortable stumbling over ideas, questions, and insights."​ ~Brittany B

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