Private Sessions

Private sessions are an opportunity to bring your work with the Enneagram to a deeper level. The Enneagram can be nuanced and complicated, and different teachers will have different approaches, so it can be tricky to parse out what will be most relevant to you personally. You can get started right away with a free exploratory call:

How it Works

Enneagram Private Sessions have a lot in common with other forms of 1:1 work, such as coaching and spiritual guidance. You might come in with a specific question or challenge that you want to discuss, or you might just feel you need support--or you might have no idea yet! As with all forms of authentic Enneagram practice, private sessions are about cultivating Presence, so we often begin with a grounding practice and an opportunity to see what arises in you. Feel free to email me any questions about private sessions: 


“Ben's deep knowledge of the Enneagram and his insights have allowed me to see things in myself and others that I never would have recognized on my own. His calm and compassionate presence as I worked through grief around the suicide of a close friend were invaluable. Anyone interested in spiritual growth would benefit from Ben's work.”

~Wrenn B

Getting Started
You can get started right away by scheduling a FREE exploratory call:

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Sessions are 50 minutes, and I charge on a sliding scale of $75-$125 per session.

Reach out to me with any questions at!

“Ben created a compassionate and open space for me to share my story. He has a talent for explaining complex concepts in a way that is simultaneously clear, relatable, and funny! This makes it much easier for me to feel comfortable stumbling over ideas, questions, and insights as I go deep with the Enneagram."

~Brittany B