Group Launch Retreat and Series

I offer a custom "Group Launch" for groups of five or more. The Group Launch begins with a weekend kickoff retreat in Leyden, MA, for the group to come together and receive an immersive Enneagram experience. During the retreat, there will be time for teaching and interactive exercises, time on the land, time for movement (an optional yoga class each day is included), and time to reflect and relax and get to know one another. 

The goal of the retreat is to find others with whom we can share our Enneagram experience, to create lifelong friends and peers. To support that, each Group Launch retreat includes a series of four weekly online calls following the retreat in which we will gather and reflect on our experiences since departing. For groups that want more support after those four weeks, follow-up retreats and series are always an option.

The cost for the entire retreat and follow up is $350-$450 per participant (price varies depending on accommodation choice; scholarships are available), and includes six meals and lodging at our retreat house in Leyden, MA. 

If you're curious about what "Enneagram work" is like prior to signing up for a retreat, you can book a private session with me to get an idea.

A very small portion of the Leyden land!

What if it's just me?

Awesome!! I keep a roster of people who are interested in joining a retreat but don't have a group, and once I have enough (5 or more), I will schedule a Group Launch for those folks. This is a great way to make new friends! 

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