“I cannot recommend Ben enough as an Enneagram teacher. He is an exceptionally keen listener, and his deep knowledge of the inner workings of the Enneagram types and the mysteries and meanings behind the system is nearly singular. In a recent conversation he helped me, in a matter of mere minutes, to realize that something I thought for months I was doing innocently and altruistically (trying to better my relationship with my brother) was really being done through the fog of my personality. He saw this immediately and showed me how I was acting in total “Twoness,” and this allowed me to see the situation for what it was and figure out a a resolution, which I believe saved me from a lot of stress and grief that I otherwise would have felt.” ~Claudia P.

“Ben's deep knowledge of the Enneagram and his insights have allowed me to see things in myself and others that I never would have recognized on my own. His calm and compassionate presence as I worked through grief around the suicide of a close friend were invaluable. Anyone interested in spiritual growth would benefit from Ben's work.” ~Wrenn B.

“During our one-on-one, when my ego would take over, Ben had me stop, take a breath and FEEL what was happening in my body at that time… the first go around was a tightness and heaviness in my chest. But eventually it relaxed, and I could feel my heart beating and a relaxed sensation around it. That feeling continued for several days, and when I took my mom out to brunch, I was calm and listened with open ears and heart to her at the restaurant. Typically when I see her I am all tight and snap at her with responses. When we returned to my sister’s that evening, she took me in her arms and told me she was sorry for all the hurt, that she loved me, and how beautiful and proud she is of me. I really believe because of my work with Ben the day before, my heart was open to receive her apology and love for the first time in many many years.” ~Diane P.

Ben is a wonderfully attentive teacher who listens and actively engages in the teaching. He explained the Enneagram in a way that felt personalized to me specifically, which I really appreciated. He helped me recognize that my anxiety isn’t unbeatable and that it’s OK to be scared sometimes. It’s hard to imagine that the future is never decided, but he helped me think about that. No matter what level you’re at or what's going on for you, Ben will recognize that and personalize his session to you.”


~Rachel H.

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